Video-fix: Disney Princesses in their Native Languages


Disney Princesses BannerThis video is addressing to all Disney lovers. Most of you, probably, have seen some of the Disney movies when you were children or you still watch them with your kids. You can recognize the origin of each song and some of you know the lyrics. Now, we invite you to watch this short video presenting Disney princess and listen them to sing in their native language. Yes, that is right! You will hear Belle, Cinderella, Esmeralda and Aurora singing in French, Jasmine in Arabic, Megara and Ariel in Greek, Snow White and Rapunzel in German, Nala in Zulu, Mulan in Mandarin, Merida in Gaelic, Moana in Tahitian and in Māori, Anna and Elsa in Norwegian and Pochahondas and Tiana in English

antonia pappaAntonia Pappa – Communication trainee at the Terminology Unit

Born in Greece in 1992. She holds a Bachelor degree of Communication, Culture and Media and she worked, for three years, for a newspaper and food magazines in Greece. Antonia is now taking a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Communication and is working her thesis about social media advertising. In her free time, she likes travelling, doing yoga and going for a walk with her dog.