Video-Fix: What about the “dog terminology”?

Video fix_ dog terminology feature

“How Dogs Tell Us What We Need to Know” is the title of the Videofix of this week and it is dedicated to dog owners and keepers. Raising and taking care of a dog is a demanded work and time consuming, especially when you want your dog to be socially skilled and be part of the community. Dogs have no language to describe what they want and how they feel so it’s up to the owner to decode signs of his pet and offer them what they need. Barbara Sherman, a veterinary behaviourist, has some advices. She tries to explain some dog sights in order to understand their body language. In her TED Talk encourages us to treat the behavioural problems of our dogs in an effort to enhance their welfare. So, if you are curious about the dog terminology, don’t hesitate and watch the attached video!

antonia pappaAntonia Pappa – Communication trainee at the Terminology Unit

Born in Greece in 1992. She holds a Bachelor degree of Communication, Culture and Media and she worked, for three years, for a newspaper and food magazines in Greece. Antonia is now taking a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Communication and is working her thesis about social media advertising. In her free time, she likes travelling, doing yoga and going for a walk with her dog.