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Terminology readings

What is terminology?

If you still have doubts, you can take a look at this article in English where you can find a very useful definition of terminology as the “set of designations belonging to one special language” [ISO 1087:2000]. Terminology is important because a careful defined terminology enables people in a particular industry to communicate clearly. A common understanding of terms allows people to communicate ideas more rapidly with less need for lengthy explanations.

How can we help you?

The following selection of books is our proposal for Terminology readings where you can find and consult useful material related to this area. You can also find the the booklets that TermCoord has published containing interviews with prominent terminologists.

100 ANGLICISMS… 100 stories (2015)

Get to grips with GEVER? (2011)

Virginia Formisano From waste-to-energy. Per una terminologia dei rifiuti

Empfehlungen für die Terminologiearbeit (2018)

TERMDAT Guide – instructions for making entries in TERMDAT

John AYTO Oxford Dictionary of Slang (1998)

Bassey Edem ANTIA Terminology and Language Planning. An alternative framework of practice and discourse (2000)

Conférence des Services de Traduction des États Européens CST Recommandations Relatives à la terminologie (2002)

Conférence des Services de Traduction des États européens Recommandations relatives à la terminologie (2003)

Conference of Translation Services of European States Working Party on Terminology and Documentation Recommendations for terminology work (2003)

Unité de stratégie informatique de la Confédération Selected terms from the information and communication technologies (ICT) (2005)

Heribert PICHT Modern Approaches to Terminological Theories and Applications (2006)

Confédération suisse TERMDAT Guide de rédaction des fiches et d’alimentation de la banque de données (2009)

Julian MALISZEWSKI Discourse and terminology in specialist translation and interpreting (2010)

Ángela CAMPO The Reception of Eugen Wüster’s Workand the Development of Terminology (2012)

Federal Chancellery Abkürzungen Abréviations Abbreviazioni Abreviaziuns Abbreviations (2012)

Federal Chancellery Terminologie der politischen Rechte Terminologie des droits politiques Terminologia dei diritti politici Terminologia dals dretgs politics Terminology of political rights (2012)

Premier ministre. Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie Vocabulaire de l’économie et les finances (2012)

TEN HACKEN Terminology Computing and Translation (2012)

Terminorgs Terminology for Large Organizations (2012)

Úna BHREATHNACH, Fionnuala CLOKE Coke and Caoilfhionn Nic PHÁIDÍN Terminology for the European Union. The Irish experience: GA IATE project (2013)

Igor KUDASHEV Quality Assurance in Terminology Management. Recommendations from the TermFactory project (2013)

Cancelleria federale Sezione di terminologia Vademecum di Neologia terminologica (2014)

European Parliament Why is terminology your passion? A collection of interviews with prominent terminologists (2014)

Federal Chancellery Guide de Néologie terminologique (2014)

European Parliament Why is terminology your passion? The second collection of interviews with prominent terminologists (2015)

Alice Cristina TOMA, Maria Teresa ZANOLA Cultural Diversity and Identity in Europe (DICE) (2016)

European Parliament Why is terminology your passion? The third collection of interviews with prominent terminologists (2017)

Patricia BRENES Terminology for Beginners (2017)

Rodolfo MASLIAS Terminology in the Changing World of Communication (2017)


Tony THORNE, Dictionary of Contemporary Slang  (2014)


                                         Pavel S., Nolet D., Handbook of terminology (2001)

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