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Translation and interpreting

Translation and interpreting are two linguistic disciplines are closely related. Yet they are rarely performed by the same people. The difference in skills, training, aptitude and even language knowledge are so substantial that few people can do both successfully on a professional level. On the surface, the difference between interpreting and translation is only the difference in the medium: the interpreter translates orally, while a translator interprets written text. Both interpreting and translation presuppose a certain love of language and deep knowledge of more than one language. If you want to discover more about these two fields please check this source article.

How can we help you?

The following selection of books is our proposal for translation and interpreting readings where you can find and consult useful material related to this area. The list is regularly updated in order to have the latests readings available on our website. The selection we are proposing you have readings in different languages such as French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German or Italian among others.

Geoffrey SAMUELSSON-BROWN A Practical Guide for Translators (1993)

Susan SARCEVIC New Approach to Legal Translation (1997)

J Alan ERWIN A Problem in Translation (2000)

Frank AUSTERMÜHL Electronic Tools for Translators (2001)

Emma WAGNER, Svend BECH and Jesus M. MARTINEZ Translating for the European Union Institutions (2002)

Dana GRASSO Traductologie si traducere: Notiuni teoretice si aplicatii practice romana-italiana (2003)

Sergei NIRENBURG, Harold SOMERS and Yorick WILKS Readings in Machine Translation (2003)

Isolde BURR, Friedrich MÜLLER Rechtssprache Europas: Reflexion der Praxis von Sprache und Mehrsprachigkeit im supranationalen Recht (2004)

Ton NAAIJKENS, Cees KOSTER, Henry FLOWER, Caroline MEIJER Denken over vertalen (2004)

Mona BAKER Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account (2006)

Magda JEANRENAUD Universaliile traducerii: studii de traductologie (2006)

Domenico COSMAI Tradurre per l’Unione Europea (2007)

Vicent MONTALT, Maria Gonzalez DAVIS Medical Translation Step by Step: Learning by Drafting (2007)

Jeremy MUNDAY Translation as intervention (2007)

Umberto ECO, Helenq Lozano MIRALLES Decir casi lo mismo: la traducción como experiencia (2008)

Vicente Fernández GONZÁLEZ La Traducciòn de la A a la Z (2008)

Aleksandra NIKEVI-BATRIEVI and Marija KNEEVI Culture-Bound Translation and Language in the Global Era (2008)

Klaus STIERSTORFER, Monika GOMILLE Cultures of Translation (2008)

Wilks YORICK Machine Translation, Its Scope and Limits (2008)

Radhouan Ben AMARA Language and cultural translation: an exile & a permanent errance (2009)

Philipp KOEHN Statistical Machine Translation (2009)

Directorate-General for Translation, European Commission “Clear Writing” in Languages and Translation, issue September 2010

Yves GAMBIER and Luc VAN DOORSLAER Handbook of translation studies (2010)

Kim GREGO Specialized translation: Theoretical issues, operational perspectives (2010)

Glyn WILLIAMS The Knowledge Economy, Language and Culture (2010)

David BELLOS Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything (2011)

Aaron BREHOVE, Roger PAPERNOP Knack Body Language: Techniques on Interpreting Nonverbal Cues in the World and Workplace (2011)

Gerard-René DE GROOTA and Conrad J. P. van LAERA Bilingual and Multilingual Legal Dictionaries in the European Union: An Updated Bibliography (2011)

Edith GROSSMAN Why Translation Matters (2011)

John KEARNS, Jody BRYNE The Continuum Companion to Translation Studies (2011)

Kirsten MALMKJÆR, Kevin WINDLE The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies (2011)

Minako O’HAGAN Translation as a Social Activity (2011)

Morry SOFERS The Global Translator’s Handbook (2012)

C. J. W. BAAIJ The role of legal translation in legal harmonisation (2012)

Clara BOSCH Técnicas de interpretación consecutiva: la toma de notas. Manual para el estudiante (2012)

Nataly KELLY, Jost ZETZSCHE Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World (2012)

Charles LE BLANC The Hermes Complex: Philosophical Reflections on Translation (2012)

Jeremy MUNDAY Evolution in Translation: Critical Points of Translator Decision-Making (2012)

Alderete-Díez PILAR, Incalcaterra McLoughlin LAURA, Ní Dhonnchadha LABHAOISE, Ní Uigín DOROTHY Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning (2012)

Anthony PYM, François GRIN, Claudio SFREDDO, Andy L. J. CHAN Studies on translation and multilingualism. The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union (2012)

Lawrence VENUTI The Translation Studies Reader (2012)

Nicole Y. ADAMS Diversification in the Language Industry: Success beyond translation (2013)

Anabel Borja ALBI, Fernando Prieto RAMOS Legal Translation in Context: Professional Issues and Prospects (2013)

Susan BASSNETT Translation Studies (2013)

Miguel A. JIMÉNEZ-CRESPO Translation and Web Localization (2013)

Corinne MCKAY Thoughts on Translation (2013)

Minako O’HAGAN, Carmen MANGIRON Game Localization: Translating for the global digital entertainment industry (2013)

Lawrence VENUTI Translation Changes Everything: Theory and Practice (2013)

Catherine WAY, Sonia VANDEPITTE, Reine MEYLAERTS, Magdalena BARTLOMIEJCZYK Tracks and Treks in Translation Studies (2013)

WLF Think Tank 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know (2014)

Sara LAVIOSA Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts (2015)

Kobus MARAIS Translation Theory and Development Studies: A Complexity Theory Approach (2015)

Holly MIKKELSON, Renée JOURDENAIS The Routledge Handbook of Interpreting (2015)

Vanessa Enríquez RAÍDO Translation and Web Searching (2015)

Johann ROTURIER Localizing Apps: A practical guide for translators and translation students (2015)

European Commission Language and translation

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