EurTerm Präsentationen


EP TermCoord, represented by its Head of Unit, Rodolfo Maslias, and Theodora Dourda, had lately the occasion to present EurTerm in two institutions:

IMG_6573On 5 November in the Europäische Investitionsbank during an event especially organised for this purpose and in which participated many translators from various translation departments.




IMG_6817On 13 November in the “Terminology Together Day” organised by the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Commission in which all EC terminologists from Luxembourg and Brussels participated. Apart from the EurTerm presentation there was also a presentation of the Translation Centre concerning the terminology work and data in IATE and two presentations about the use of terminology data in SDL Studio and the preparation of material for use in SDL Studio. The related workshops organised in the afternoon also produced some interesting ideas and food for thought in view of future developments in this area.