Mein Haus der europÀischen Geschichte


Make your story a part of history!

What connects Elza, Renata, Georg, Giulia and Ingrid?

Where do people with backgrounds as diverse as theirs, who come from all over Europe, meet?

How do their voices, some from long ago and others from the recent past, reach us today?

Their rich and varied tales all come together at Mein Haus der europÀischen Geschichte: a unique collaborative project where History and the lives of European citizens coincide.

A virtual library of European stories

My House of European History (MyHEH) is a project of the Directorate General for Translation of the European Parliament, managed by the My House of European History Unit.

By collecting citizens’ stories in 24 languages and publishing these stories in text, audio and video format, MyHEH seeks to create a virtual library of testimonies from people all across the world.

The MyHEH platform already hosts more than 650 genuine stories, covering the period from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day. These stories encompass family history, glimpses of daily life in different European countries, and memories connected to historical events. They include cross-border experiences of people travelling, studying, or working away from home. They also include current experiences, such as stories about the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

MyHEH focuses solely on people and their stories, and is not in any way a presentation or promotion of the activities of the European Parliament. The European Parliament acts as a facilitator, promoting communication between European citizens in the hope that this will foster a feeling of togetherness.

Beyond the written testimonies

A series of podcasts are produced from the written testimonies that are submitted to the MyHEH platform. The stories that are selected for audio adaptation often resonate strongly with historical milestones of the 20die century or explore the concept of European identity. These podcasts are made available in the 24 official EU languages and published on the MyHEH Platform and through other outlets. 

Here are some examples of our podcasts:  

Testimonies from Auschwitz

Europe in Our Lives

Europe in Family History

European Identity

MyHEH Learning Kits

Mehrsprachig learning resources are an integral part of the MyHEH project. These resources are based on personal testimonies submitted to the MyHEH website, and are specifically designed for secondary school teachers across Europe. They can be adapted for various curricula and used as supplementary material for subjects such as foreign languages, history and civic education. The multilingual learning resources seek to inspire pupils to reflect on pivotal moments in European history and critically discuss their impact on contemporary life. 

A collaborative project accessible to all

Since MyHEH was launched in 2017, a number of important memory institutions und media organisations in Europe have keenly supported its mission by creating and publishing historical narratives and rare archival material on the MyHEH website. These institutions and organisations include Ouest-France, CollĂšge des Bernardins and ARTE in France, the Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland, and the Historical Archives of the European Parliament. Recently, the National Archives of Malta and the Tower Museum in Northern Ireland have also contributed to the MyHEH project.

Mein Haus der europĂ€ischen Geschichte will continue to expand and reach an even larger audience. It aims to become even more collaborative und dynamic in its mission to shed light on moments of European history through providing a platform for people’s voices.

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