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Ihre Term-Updates: neue Kooperationen und Videopräsentation

Our Terminology without Borders project is constantly growing! With the introduction of the new project on Sustainable Finance (YourTerm FIN) and the launch of...

La ressource FAIRterm

Ein neuer Artikel über FAIRterm, geschrieben von Federica Vezzani, Forscherin an der Universität Padua, wurde im Synergies Italie Journal (Nr....

Umwelt- und Erdbeobachtung Terminologie

Climate change and the efforts to protect our planet have generated a wealth of studies in the environmental sciences domain. On 15th July 2021,...
YourTerm Food&Envi feature

Neue Terminologie ohne Grenzen Projekte gestartet

You may already know Terminology without Borders, a collaboration project between Parliament’s Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) and universities, EU/UN agencies and international civil society...

Frauenrechte fĂĽr Terminologie ohne Grenzen gestalten

  This is the second article in a series of articles on the latest developments in Terminology without Borders, which has its origins in YourTerm...

Terminologie ohne Grenzen – Was ist neu?

Geschrieben von Stine Jensen, Terminologin bei TermCoord
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