TermCoord κατά την 27η συνεδρίαση της JIAMCATT στο Στρασβούργο


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TermCoord participated in the 27th JIAMCATT meeting in Strasbourg from the 23rd to the 25th April 2014. JIAMCATT regroups all international organizations and deals with all subjects related to CAT tools and Terminology. TermCoord was represented together with colleagues from the UN, the European Court of Justice and the European Commission in the working group of JIAMCATT on Terminology, created upon the decision taken in Nairobi last year. The group contributed substantially to enrich the terminology section of the Organisation’s website with EU and other terminology resources it collects and provides to translators via the interinstitutional portal EurTerm.

In the workshop on Terminology all organisations were invited to add an interinstitutional access page to their databases and portals and all participants expressed their willingness to open to all members of JIAMCATT their respective terminology portals that are still accessible to their intranet users (restricting access to pages containing sensitive information). Sharing of terminology resources and tools among international organizations was recognized as a very beneficial exercise for the quality of translation and the need of enhanced communication and networking has been stressed in order to face the spectacular rise of the importance of terminology in the globalised context. The workshop’s participants were very interested in the networking approach of TermCoord and in the tools it developed and made available to the terminology community through dev.termcoord.eu, as well as in the management and improvement of IATE, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.