IATE travels



IATE, the Interinstitutional terminology database for all EU institutions, knows no borders and has been expanding its reach since it has been made available to the public in 2007.

The results of the first quarter of 2013 have just been released and reveal that, although the first 10 top country users are EU members, an impressive rise in the number of non-European users has taken place.

Among the almost 2.65 million public users of the terminology database, more than 255,000 consult it from outside the EU. As the graph shows, a lot of interest has been shared around the world, be it in the American, African or Asian continents.

The number of new users has also radically increased all around the world, proving the reliability and accuracy of IATE and its growing value to the world of terminology

Let’s all keep on spreading the word and do not forget: IATE is what you make of it!

So do not hesitate and use it and find specific terminology in any of the official languages.