What’s New in Eur-Lex?



Eur-Lex_EMAILAs you may already know, EUR-Lex provides free access to EU legislation in the 24 official languages, where you can find the texts published in the Official Journal of the European Union, EU treaties, regulations, directives, EU case law and many other public documents. It is also regularly used by translators of EU legislation in order to look for content such as EU-specific terminology, titles of legislation or quotations from legislative texts.

Since a new version of EUR-Lex has been deployed recently, TermCoord organised a seminar to familiarise translators with the new interface and features. A colleague from the Publications Office presented the structure and functioning of the new EUR-Lex website in detail, while paying particular attention to the search possibilities and other features widely used by translators.

The participants received up-to-date information about the Metadata Registry of the Publications Office, as well as the Interinstitutional Style Guide, which contains compulsory rules for all texts published in the Official Journal.

For more information, please visit this link.

You can access the presentations below.

Laura von Weissenberg
(Publications Office): New Eur-Lex – Advantages for the EP (17th June 2014)

Madeleine Kiss (Publications Office): New Eur-Lex – The Authority tables (NAL) and their dissemination (17th June 2014)

Csordás Annamária (Publications Office): New Eur-Lex – Style Guide for Translators (17th June 2014)