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Are you aware of the serious environmental problems with which we need to struggle every day to protect our great “blue planet”? 8 June is celebrated as the international World Oceans Day in order to promote actions connected with the protection of the oceans. This year, the main message was “Healthy oceans, healthy planet” and the organizers put the emphasis on the issue of plastic trash in the oceans, which comes from the land in 80%. Due to this event, TermCoord decided to choose “plastic bags” as the IATE term of the week.

“The bag challenge” was one of the main support actions during the World Oceans Day, which focused on discouraging the use of disposable bags for at least one year, as it these bags cause big suffering for animals living in the oceans. For example, sea turtles consider this plastic bag as a delicious meal. Sadly, it means choking to death for them. To protect sea creatures, many awareness-raising actions are organized in order to encourage people to use only reusable bags, which can greatly decrease this sad aforementioned fact, and it does not require making any effort. The other best practices, which also reduce the use of plastics, are not purchasing bottled water and instead of that just refill your own reusable bottle with water or bring your own mug to drink coffee at work instead of purchasing it in the plastic cup.

Here you can look at the sad infographics about the usage of plastic bags. Just consider this issue and decide if the life of sea animals is vital enough for you to change your bad habits to become more environmentally-friendly.

Plastic bags                                                                                   Plastic bags

By choosing this term, we also want to encourage translators to make a contribution to IATE and propose the equivalents in other languages.

plastic_bag IATE

Here you can read about the great initiative of a young man to clean the oceans.


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Plastic bags

Written by Aleksandra Święcicka. Journalist, web editor and social media expert. Communication Trainee at TermCoord