First Translation Technology Summer School in Antwerp


Castle_Arenberg,_Katholieke_Universiteit_Leuven_adjIf you cannot live without translating, even in summer days, then the first International Translation Technology Summer School is the thing for you: organised by the University of Leuven from the 29th August till the 2nd September 2016, it has the purpose to help language professionals who are looking for a practice-oriented and state-of-the-art introduction to translation and localization issues and tools.

Offering numerous tools and resources that can be used in every step of the translation process, the school knows that, in the last decades, technology has become an absolute necessity for professionals selling translation services. Thus, during this one-week event, academic and commercial experts will cover many related topics – both theoretically and practically. For instance:

  • How to set-up your freelance translation business and market your services
  • Essential project management skills in the translation/localization business
  • Terminology management and corpus query
  • Computer-assisted translation tools: desktop vs. cloud, commercial vs. open-source
  • Computer-assisted translation tools and dictation
  • Technical communication
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website & software localization
  • Machine translation and post-editing
  • Quality in translation

The language of discussion will be English; since the number of admitted participants will be limited to 50, just keep in mind that the deadline for enrolment is the 31st May 2016. Finally, all workshops will take place in the skills lab of campus Sint-Andries Antwerpen, where every computer is equipped with modern publishing and authoring tools, as well as CAT, terminology and localization tools – plus a subtitling system.

To enrol, visit the school’s official website; as an alternative, for more details or even questions, you can easily send an e-mail to