Video Fix: A Song in Several Languages



You’ve probably heard of the animated film “Frozen”, but did you know that there´s a really interesting video that shows one of its most famous songs recorded in several different languages? It´s obviously a task that requires significant skills and precision, considering that the words have to match the characters’ lip movements and relate to the story. Languages so different from each other such as Korean, French, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Norwegian were used to create something quite unique:

Naturally, the lyrics had to be adapted during the process, though you can see that they tried to keep as faithful to the original as possible. For instance, in Portuguese, “let the storm rage on” was translated as “venha a tempestade”. A more literal translation would be “que a tempestade rebente”, so the differences aren´t that significant. In my opinion, the creators really did something amazing by showing us this video, proving that even children’s movies have something to teach us.


Written by João Almeida
Terminology Trainee at TermCoord