#MondayReading: Terminology in Everyday Life


This week for our #MondayReading suggestion we would like to introduce you to the book Terminology in Everyday Life edited by Marcel Thelen from Zuyd University-Maastricht and Frieda Steurs from Lessius University College.

Monday reading 10.04.2017

According to the publisher, Terminology in Everyday Life contains a selection of fresh and interesting articles by prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of terminology based on papers presented at an international terminology congress on the impact of terminology on everyday life. […] The book wants to demonstrate that terminology is of everyday importance and is of interest to everyone interested in the theory and practice of terminology, from terminologists to computer specialists to lecturers and students.

This collection gathers articles both of theory and practice in the terminology field. It covers issues related to terminology difficulties in specific languages, the European English phenomenon, the creation of terminological infrastructure at national level, best practices for terminology, standardisation through automated term extraction and editing tools and cognitive concept modelling.

The table of contents is the following:

  • Section I. Terminology and smaller language        

Synonymy and variation in the domain of digital terrestrial television: Is Italian at risk?

Franco Bertaccini, Monica Massari and Sara Castagnoli

Language (policy), translation and terminology in the European Union

Márta Fischer

The situation and problems of Hungarian terminology

Ágota Fóris

Translation-oriented terminology work in Hungary

Judit Murath

Towards a national terminology infrastructure: The Swedish experience

Henrik Nilsson


  • Section II. Best practices in terminology management

Terminology on demand: Maintaining a terminological query service

Claudia Dobrina

Frames, contextual information and images in terminology: A proposal

Mercedes Garcia de Quesada and Arianne Reimerink

How much terminological theory do we need for practice?: An old pedagogical dilemma in a new field

Vassilis Korkas and Margaret Rogers

Ontological support for multilingual domain-specific translation dictionaries

Rita Temmerman and Sancho Geentjens


  • Section III. Possibilities of terminological databases for different applications

In praise of effective export terminology

Danielle Dubroca Galin, Ángela Flores Garcia, Valérie Collin Meunier and Marc Delbarge

Computer aided term bank creation and standardization: Building standardized term banks through automated term extraction and advanced editing tools

Jody Foo and Magnus Merkel

Competency-based job descriptions and termontography: The case of terminological variation

Koen Kerremans, Peter De Baer and Rita Temmerman

Proposals to standardize remote sensing terminology in Spanish

Lara Sanz Vicente and Joaquín García Palacios


  • Section IV. Terminology in a medical setting

The PERTOMed project: Exploiting and validating terminological resources of comparable Russian-French-English corpora within pharmacovigilance

Cedric Bousquet and Maria Zimina-Poirot

Instrumentality in cognitive concept modelling

Paul Sambre and Maria-Cornelia Wermuth


Enjoy your reading of Terminology in Everyday Life and for a further insight into the field of terminology we invite you to click on the link and find our selection of books where you can consult useful material related to this area.
Have a nice Monday from Termcoord!

Written by  Katerina PalamiotiTranslator, Social Media and Content Manager, Communication Trainee and Foodie at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.


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