EU Terminology: a presentation at the University of Genova


On Friday 26th January 2018, Rodolfo Maslias presented to some 40 students and professors of the Language Department of the University of Genova, of which Steering Committee he makes part,the Terminology at the European Union.


The presentation focused on different topics, such as the organisation of the terminology work in the European Parliament, the online tools for the cooperation among the EU Institutions in Terminology, the Portal EurTerm and the language wikis (with a special focus on the Italian wiki being also the platform of REI, la Rete del Eccelenza del’Italiano), the new IATE2 that will be launched in Autumn 2018 and the new profile and job opportunities for terminologists in the new highly IT oriented environment of the translation industry.

A special topic of discussion during the 3-hours course was also the project on banking and financial terminology that 15 of these students are preparing with their Professor, Micaela Rossi, in collaboration with TermCoord to be published on and inserted in IATE. TermCoord work with the University of Genova as part of the cooperation with universities on terminology projects.

You can access the presentation in Italian, here.