Fourth e-book on ‘Why is terminology your passion?’ now online!


The TermCoord team is happy to announce that we have just released the free fourth e-book edition of ‘Why is terminology your passion?’ available online now.  This collection of interviews with prominent terminologists, linguists and translators are carried out by trainees from the European Parliament’s Terminology Coordination Unit.  The aim of the series is to give readers an in-depth insight into the field of terminology, as well as highlight the importance of this work when it comes to be monolingual and multilingual communication.

Interested in finding out more? To read the latest edition, simply click on the picture below.

We hope you enjoy it!

Written by Mairead Finlay – Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg). She has studied Translation at the University of Geneva and holds a BA in Politics and French from the University of Bristol.