Becoming a terminologist for three weeks


I had the great opportunity to join the Terminology Coordination Unit at the European Parliament in Luxembourg in February 2019. I was curious to know what working with terminology looks and feels like. Since I had gained theoretical knowledge about terminology during my first semester at the University of Luxembourg, I was eager to utilize it for my practical experience and deepen my understanding of how terminology operates.

With the assistance of the TermCoord team, I was quite easily able to integrate into the process. My tasks involved compiling Russian-language entries for English terms in IATE database.

First, I started working with neologisms in various domains: culture, human rights, trade, law and environment. Furthermore, in the process of work, I decided to concentrate on IT and Social Media projects and do research on terms that were related to Information Technologies.

The task consisted of extensive browsing in English, Russian, and other languages in order to obtain a high quality result. Assisting the Terminology Coordination Unit, I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in terminology both conceptually and linguistically. For instance, some IT terms change through transliteration (hashtag-хэштэг, nettop-неттоп). However, other terms remain unchanged (abandonware) and integrate into Russian glossary.

Apart from working with the Terminology Coordination Unit, I had an opportunity to write an article about Okroshka, a Russian cold soup, for the TermCoord website. This is what I really liked about my internship: every Study Visitor can maintain tasks according to his or her domain of interest and improve skills in the field of communication. One can easily become a part of the whole working process due to performing multifarious tasks and this is great! Moreover, support of the TermCoord team plays an enormous role in building a productive and inspiring atmosphere.

I am very thankful to the Terminology Coordination Unit and University of Luxembourg for giving me the opportunity to be a terminologist for three weeks and experience life at the European institution. This Study Visit sparked my interest in further exploration of terminology and gave me inspiration for my future thesis.

Written by Anna Yakimovich, study visitor in the area of terminology, master’s degree in “Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” at the University of Luxembourg.