TermCoord participates in the Terminology Summer School 2019


From the 8th to 12th of July the Terminology Summer School took place in Vienna. TermCoord’s terminologist Daniel Puppan went there as a speaker and representative of TermCoord. Besides holding his presentation the aim was also to learn about the new developments in the field of terminology.

The Summer School was opened by Ms Mira Kadric (MK, Deputy Head of the Centre for Translation Studies). She explained that the University of Vienna has 19000 students and it is one of the biggest universities in Europe. In the field of terminology the research focuses on terminology and technology. Gabriele Sauberer (GS, TermNet Director) outlined the organisational aspects of the TSS 2019, the history of TSS and the fundamental aim of it (creation of a market for terminology softwares).

The first presenter was Marta Fischer from Budapest, Hungary (MF), who elaborated on the importance of terminology theory and on the terminology management for translation. She explained the two different approaches (narrow and broad) and the historical background (from practice to theory), the problems with polysemy and synonymy, the unified theory (harmonization), the prescriptive approach (precise definition, conceptual system, designation to terms, terms as final products of this narrow approach, definition, Eindeutigkeit i.e. no polysemy, Eineindeutigkeit i.e. no synonymy).

Ondrej Matuska (Vexical Computing) presented the Sketch Engine which is a tool for term extraction and corpus management. The Sketch Engine can help to find the right terms that a native speaker would use in a given situation.

Michael Wetzel (Coreon GmbH, Berlin) presented terminology and knowledge organization systems (KOS) which can be used for big, unstructured, multilingual texts. According to him, 4 types of KOS are prevalent: classification systems, taxonomies and nomenclatures, thesauri and ontologies.

Dagmar Gromann (DG, eTransfair) gave an overview of the interdisciplinary field of terminology science (investigation, principles, theory). DG started with the concept-oriented terminology: JICTI, CTS terminology science. DG enlarged on language varieties, automatic machine translation in EU languages, resources for MT, multimodal language technologies and interoperability. DG outlined the “Deutsch in Österreich” research project and digital research platform. Afterwards DG explained domain-specific MT (connect Europe facility for the Austrian EU Council Presidency). The efficiency increased by 40% during the Austrian Presidency and it was based on the latest neural MT.

These are just four examples out of multiple presentations during the Terminology Summer School in Vienna. The TSS 2019 was a very valuable event which enabled me to deepen my knowledge in terminology.

Written by Daniel Puppan, terminologist at TermCoord