Students Competing in Juvenes Translatores Translation Competion


Once again Juvenes Translatores is organising their annual Juvenes Translatores Translation Competition on the 21st of November 2019. This year is the 13th annual competition. For the past 13 years the Juvenes Translatores Translation Competition have been promoting language learning and the vocation of linguists among young people.

Again this year, 17 year old secondary school students, born in 2002, will be able to participate. The competition will feature a one-page text in one of the 24 official languages of the EU which have to be translated into another one of these languages. Professional translators of the European Commission will evaluate the entries and select a winner from each EU Member State. The winners get invited to Brussels with their teachers and parents by Juvenes Translatores to attend a fantastic prize-giving award ceremony at the Commission headquarters.

The competition will directly challenge the students’ communication and foreign language skills. In turn, the students will learn that language truly is an essential element of intercultural dialogue and a part of European integration and global citizenship. Through multilingualism, young people will be better equipped for the job market. It will open new opportunities both in their home country and abroad. The competition also shows translation is a powerful tool to bring us closer and help us understand each other’s cultures.

The registrations for the competitions closes on the 20th of October so be quick if you know anyone who would want participate! For rules and instructions about the competition visit the Juvenes Translatores website here.

If you want to lean more or check up on the latest news of the competition or Juvenes Translatores, you can check out their Facebook or Instagram page.


Written by Mads Rise

Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Holds a BA in English and IT-based Marketing and Communication from the University of Southern Denmark. Mads finished his BA with a thesis in Search Engine Optimisation and E-commerce. He has hands on experience in web communication, SEO, administration and logistics.