Video-Fix: From All of Us to All of You


If you are not from Scandinavia, you may never have heard of the Disney special, From All of Us to All of You. It is an animated Christmas special produced for television back in 1958. The show was shown in the US through the 1970’s into the 1980’s with an expansion to its runtime. The US has only shown the special occasionally since then but in Scandinavia, the show has been broadcast every year since 1959. It is almost tradition for the family to gather around the television every Christmas Eve to watch the show together. In Sweden, the show has often around 40% of the country watching each year.

From All of Us to All of You is a clip show hosted by Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. The hosts present a few shorts from Disney and the shorts differ from each country. However, Pluto’s Christmas Tree from 1952 is a regular in all countries. In the show, you will also see clips from various Disney animation feature films in a segment called Memorable Moments. This segment includes clips from movies such as Cinderella, Bambi and Lady and the Tramp. Each year a clip from an upcoming or recently released Disney movie is shown. The show ends with Jiminy Cricket singing When You Wish upon a Star as Disney characters gather around watching him sing.

We have found a small clip of the Christmas Show for you. It is an introduction to Memorable Moments by Jiminy Cricket and a good selection of the Disney clips in Danish. You can read more about From All of Us to All of You here.

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