My House of European History | Learning Kits Dissemination

MHEH Learning Kits feature

In spring 2020, the Directorate General for Translation launched an initiative aimed at creating learning kits based on the stories on the My House of European History website. The idea was to propose these kits to teachers all over Europe as a supplementary tool to learn foreign languages and/or history or civic education.

DG TRAD’s internal volunteer task force created learning kits based on three stories from the My House of European History website. These kits have been already translated in almost all 24 EU languages (click for Elza’s history and transcript, both in English). Content for the House of European History was also included in YourTerm’s CULT project, featuring a glossary of terminology extracted from the translated texts and forming a unique cultural glossary in all EU official languages.

The team is currently disseminating the kits as widely as possible among educational institutions and authorities in the Member States. As part of this early phase of the project, the task force will collect all feedback they receive from their target audience, in order to improve the kits and possibly expand the project even further. 

Let’s spread this further…

We encourage you to pass this information on to those you think might be interested, to extend the reach of this pilot project even further. Should you or your respective audiences have any further questions please contact the team via the dedicated functional mailbox at We are also working on making these kits even more accessible by possibly creating a central repository.