Video-Fix: The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Video-Fix Benefits of bilingual feature
There is a philosophical quote referring to children’s true and pure insight in contrast to adult’s complex ways when it comes to perceiving and analyzing issues: “Think like a kid and then you learn how to really live.”
No matter the objections to this expression, which may be many and have a strong foundation, the truth remains that more than once kids can surprise adults in the way in which they recognize the value of multiple aspects of life. This week’s Video-Fix is an example of why linguistic diversity is a reason for joy and not for stress when it comes to language learning. Languages can be learnt and the earlier we do it, the better. Linguistic diversity is a gift that deserves to be commemorated more than once. Happy European Language Day on 26th September, 2020!

Maria Papamargariti pictureWritten by Maria Papamargariti, Greek and English Philologist, writer in the field of children’s literature.