TermCoord at the Journée Mondiale de la Traduction 2020

TermCoord at Journée mondiale de la traduction 2020

The Journée mondiale de la traduction, also known as JMT, is a yearly event on translation that takes place around 30th September. This year’s JMT stood under the banner « Trouver le mots pour un monde en crise » or “Finding the words for a world in crisis”.

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For the Journée mondiale de la traduction 2020, the Master T2M of the University of Bourgogne organised its 5th edition of JMT, together with the delegation CABFC (Champagne-Ardenne-Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) of the SFT (Société française des traducteurs). The event took place on 2nd October 2020, both live and streamed online.

JMT 2020 event programme

Details about the event programme can be found here.

Former TermCoord terminology trainee Elisa Callegari spoke during the 3rd panel discussion, « Trouver les mots : Perspectives des industries de la langue », and explained how the terminology of the pandemic was managed in TermCoord. Extracting terminology from corpora and organising terms in “maps” (Covid-19 event) in order to detect ontological relations among concepts was at the core of the work TermCoord carried out during the pandemic. Elisa’s 30 minute presentation gave way to a debate with an expert in corpus linguistics and an expert in ontologies.

The day closed in the best way possible: with a competition in translation in different language pairs in which groups of students translated texts related to COVID-19.

Watch the recording of the entire event below. Skip to 4:06:00 for Elisa’s presentation.

Prepared by Elisa Callegari. She is currently working as a terminologist at Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France (DGLFLF) in Paris. 



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Written by Janna Mack. From Luxembourg, she has degrees in Linguistics, Education, and Translation from Glasgow University.