Video-Fix: Interpreter Breaks Down How Real-Time Translation Works

Real-Time Translation

Real-time translation is as fascinating as it is difficult. If you are as passionate about multilingualism as we are, you are probably interested in exploring different career paths in the world of languages. Guess what? You have just landed in the right corner of the internet! This week’s Video-Fix will surely be a treat for future language professionals. In this short film for Wired, experienced conference interpreter Barry Slaughter Olsen is inviting us to a bilateral meeting behind close doors. How exciting is that?

Discovering secrets of various professions is always enlightening. Just think about all the things you can learn about real-time translation today! Can you guess what the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is? Do you know what your note taking style would be? How do we know how fast interpreters get tired? Today’s Video-Fix will answer all the questions you can think of. On top of that, you will also understand what chuchotage is and why it is not always a good idea to translate a joke. Are you ready to get well-informed? Let the meeting begin!

By Magdalena Sikorska, Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit.