Video-Fix: Learn English through Story – Halloween

Video-Fix Halloween

As learning and lifting our linguistic spirits are important parts of our mission, the weekly video-fixes always go well with inspiring language quotes. Today, let’s start with one by Rita Mae Brown, an American writer. She once said that Language is the road map of a culture. These words resonate strongly with us today because we are exploring vocabulary that regards a very specific cultural phenomenon. One a lot of people adore, we might add!

On the last day of October, people from different parts of the globe celebrate Halloween. The custom originated from Celtic-speaking countries, spread to North America, and took over the word. This last process is still happening, and we can definitely see it year after year. The image of Halloween we know today was shaped by a fascinating mixture of factors. Influenced by Celtic beliefs, Christian eschatology, national traditions, horror movies and gothic novels, Halloween is a cultural event that holds many secrets. This short video by Helena Daily English will help you discover some of them and inspire you to search even further. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect plan for the spooky season?

By Magdalena Sikorska, Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit.