Video-Fix: Things It’s Best to Say in Latin

Video-Fix: Latin

Originally spoken in Latium, the area of modern Rome, and later on throughout the whole Western Roman Empire, Latin is a classical Indo-European language. Considered the universal language of western civilization, it is still present in our everyday lives. Latin is especially important for language professionals and all the multilingualism lovers. Why? Everyone who studied one of the Romance languages understands it! Latin is not only the base language for French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian though, it will also help you learn and better understand English vocabulary and grammar. On top of that, many root terms of all the modern sciences are derived from Latin, therefore you can certainly benefit from learning it no matter your field of expertise. There are many more reasons to fall in love with classical languages, and the wonderful training of the mind it guarantees may simply be the most important one.

Well then, are you ready to start learning Latin or refresh your knowledge? Or maybe you just like to impress your friends with quotes and proverbs? Either way, this short video by The School of Life will be a treat for you. Learning through entertainment – this is what our weekly video-fixes are all about! Educational language videos are such a valuable source of knowledge. You probably know that when it comes to Latin, the pronunciation is often a point of dispute. Also in the comments section! However, we believe that we should always be united in our admiration for classical languages, so today we are inviting you to discover seven Things It’s Best to Say in Latin. Will some of them surprise you?

Written by Magdalena Sikorska, Schuman Trainee in the Terminology Coordination Unit