TermCoord’s Communication Tools | Online Workshop


For a long time now, study visitors from the University of Luxembourg to TermCoord have been participating in the everyday work of the unit and exploring different aspects of it – some of them focusing on terminology research, management and coordination activities and others focusing on communication activities for delivering messaging on research and management results to the wider audience. This experience was recognized by the University as an internship and counted towards the total amount of a student’s ECTS credits.

In light of the COVID-19 development, study visits have been cancelled until further notice. To try to give the students a glimpse of the work done in TermCoord, Janna Mack and Lara Karlović – former TermCoord Communication trainees – have held an online workshop for Master’s students from the University of Luxembourg. The first edition was held in June, while the second took place in December, with an appropriate jumper dress code (see gallery below).

Workshop Content

The purpose of the workshop was to give the students an insight into tools used by the Communication team for research, content creation and SEO website and content optimization. It covered a presentation of Airtable, Canva, Zencastr, WordPress, Google Forms and various keyword research tools that are used in TermCoord’s office daily. For the practical part of the workshop students were asked to create visuals for a Video-Fix article, perform their own keyword research and create a short SEO optimized piece of content. An interactive quiz was run at the end of the workshop to check how much of the information the students managed to retain, but also to conclude the presentation in a positive, relaxed mode.

We believe that the students’ feedback on the workshops says it all:

I liked the tools that were presented because they were all new to me and I can see them eventually all integrating in my private life or professional path.

Thank you for taking the time to organize this course! The content was very concise and useful.

Both parts of the workshop were great and the presenters well-structured and organized.

I think the course was well covered and had an adequate variety of topics.

I really enjoyed doing the tasks and the kahoot quiz was fun! Learning by playing is always a good idea.

I liked the very interesting and useful tools, such as Zencastr, canva, wordpress. It is great that we can use them for free 🙂 They will be very helpful during our studies and work as well!

All of these tools can be used for personal purposes and to facilitate the students’ everyday work. We hope that the participants found it useful and are looking forward to future collaboration with the University of Luxembourg!

Written by Lara Karlović, a digital marketing enthusiast with experience in social media management, SEO content writing and optimization and content marketing.