Conference at the University of Paris Diderot

Université de Paris

Next February 5th 2021, the University of Paris Diderot will host an online conference with the participation of Dr. Wei Yuan of the University of Xiamen (China). The conference is part of the transversal research project “Pratiques trans-linguistiques: du rôle social de la traduction en Asie orientale à l’époque moderne”, coordinated by Lara Maconi and Florence Xiangyun Zhang of the CET (Centre d’études de la traduction).

Dr. Wei Yuan obtained a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2020, with a thesis titled “La Traduction des romans français en Chine (1993-2017): Champs, agents et paysages littéraires”.

The conference will deal with the translation of popular French literature and best-selling novels into Chinese, with case studies observing the translation and publication processes in the Chinese panorama.

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