IATE updates: July 2021


IATE is the interinstitutional terminology database managed and enriched by EU institutions. It is an essential terminological resource for translators and interpreters employed in EU institutions, as well as for other linguists working from every corner of the world.

Throughout its 22 years of life, IATE has been constantly updated to provide accurate terminology in all official EU languages and easy consultation features.

As of July 2021, you can find two new features on IATE:

  • The search by collection and the download of IATE: the thematic collections of terms created by the terminologists of the EU institutions can be consulted and downloaded in CSV or TBX by any visitor. Previously, these resources were available only to those with an EU login.
  • The interpreter’s view: this new display mode allows external users to see the term they search and its equivalent/s in other languages side by side, with the essential information on the domain and the institution that created the entry.

The traditional standard view showing equivalent terms in rows, with their reference, definition and other information, is still available in IATE.

External users can now access also the language-specific annexes, previously available only to EU staff. These annexes contain information on how to compile terminological entries according to IATE guidelines for each of the 24 official EU languages.

You can find more information on these new resources on our IATE page.