YourTerm updates: new collaborations and video presentation


Our Terminology without Borders project is constantly growing! With the introduction of the new project on Sustainable Finance (YourTerm FIN) and the launch of new collaborations during the summer, Terminology Without Borders has reached:

  • 10 domains
  • 36 subprojects
  • more than 20 partners
  • active collaborations in 3 continents (Europe, Asia and North America)

As the new academic semester begins, on 27th September 2021, we will give a presentation to the students of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. A total of 60 students will participate to three different projects and subprojects: the Diseases subproject of MED, Names of Plants and Animals for ENVI and the new subproject Sport for CULT.

Within FIN, we established a new partnership with Heriot-Watt University (UK), which will work on a multilingual project involving the terminology of the Covid-19 economic crisis.

Concerning JURI, the University of Cordoba is working on two multilingual glossaries on Migration and Refugees and Global Terrorism, for which they provided the English anchor terms.

Another new partner of JURI and FIN, the University of Porto, will provide the Portuguese equivalent terms for the Sustainable Finance and Global Terrorism subprojects.

In TECH, besides the extensive glossary on Audiovisual Terminology, we have a new subproject on Digital Humanities, one of the most cutting-edge disciplines that deals with digital technologies and humanities.

Our network now also includes the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (USA). Its students will gain hands-on terminology practice through our projects, contributing with Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Russian terms. We recorded for them and for all of our collaborators a presentation in which we explain what Terminology Without Borders is and outline all the steps of the workflow for the creation of our glossaries. You can find the video below and on TermCoord’s YouTube channel.

Presentation of Terminology Without Borders by Rodolfo Maslias, Carmen Staiano and Maria Bruno.

Again, we are proud to establish new collaborations. Individual translators and terminologists, as well as international universities and organisations are always welcome to join our network!

If you want to participate in any of these projects, please fill in the collaboration form available on


Written by Maria Carmen Staiano, Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit. She holds a Bachelor’s in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation and a Master’s in Specialized Translation at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. She has experience in translation technologies, project management and localisation.


Edited by Written by Maria Bruno, Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit. She holds a master’s degree in Translation and a bachelor’s degree in Italian Language and Literature. She is trained in websites and social media management, content writing and SEO. Currently, she is studying for her DiplĂ´me Universitaire in Terminology at the University of Savoie-Mont Blanc.