Elpida Loupaki visited TermCoord


Last week I had the opportunity to carry out a study visit at the Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) of the European Parliament, in the framework of the program ERASMUS Training, established between Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the EU institutions.

As I’m teaching “Terminology Management” at both postgraduate and undergraduate students, it was a perfect occasion to catch up with new trends and tools and to best prepare new terminology projects.

Because I had only one week, the whole program was intense and fully planned in advance. The organization on behave of TermCoord team was excellent and their warm hospitality made me feel at home from day one! In fact, I had my own desk and pc in the new offices of the European Parliament and I worked together with both permanent staff of the Unit and trainees. It was a wonderful exchange of ideas and best practices that was very inspiring!

In particular, during my study visit I had the opportunity to participate to a hands-on session on the new IATE features. These include the difference between standard view and interpreter’s view; the possibility to download IATE and the different filters available to avoid ‘noise’; the expand search button and the possibility to filter results by domain, by collection and by owner of the term, ie. by institution.

Another practical session was dedicated in to how to insert a new term in the internal IATE version. This session was very useful as knowing all the details about the internal organization of the IATE term base gave me a better understanding of the term base itself. I also attended a session along with Professor Pascale ELBAZ, from ISIT (Paris), in order to best organize our new YourTerm project in the domain of Natural Langue Processing, which will be jointly developed by our Masters’ Students this year. This inter-university project will involve three working languages (ENG-FR-EL) and will be developed by the use of FairTerm, developed by the University of Padova in 2020.

I want to thank Rodolfo Maslias, Head of the Unit, Nadezhda KRASTEVA-SCHAEFER, responsible of YourTerm projects along with all the staff and the trainees of TermCoord, for giving me such a great welcome.

Elpida Loupaki

Elpida Loupaki is an Assistant Professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of French, Department of Translation.