European Terminology & Academia: University NOVA of Lisbon and the TermCoord team


The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament has been involved in the cooperation with universities for many years now.

The University NOVA of Lisbon is one of the many universities participating in TermCoord’s academic network and on Thursday 18th November, TermCoord gave there an online presentation about European Terminology and Academia, in presence of Professor Rute Costa. The conference gave a great opportunity to introduce the TermCoord team and their activities and to offer an overview of what Terminology stands for in the European Institutions. After Rodolfo Maslias, Head of Unit, explained the main principles of Terminology management in the European Parliament, Nadezhda Krasteva presented the Inter-institutional Terminology Database IATE, along with its new functionalities and advanced research possibilities. The event also gave Margarida Castro the chance to recall her experience during her study visit to TermCoord and the Portuguese Translation Unit, as a student of the European Master of Lexicography. Last but not least, this presentation also allowed the new terminology trainees, Angelica Marino and Sofia Vigo, to present TermCoord’s  project Terminology without Borders, which continues to nurture cooperation with students and professors from all over the world by proposing topical terminology projects through which students can learn the fundamentals of corpora building, terminology extraction, research of multilingual equivalents…and build up a new terminology glossary!

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If you’ve missed the article about Margarida’s Castro from Portugal study visit please take a look here.

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Written by Angelica Marino

Originally from Rome, Italy, in 2015 Angelica moved in France and attended the Sorbonne University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Literatures and Languages, then pursued her studies in Paris, at the ISIT University, for a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Translation and Communication. Besides, she holds a Double Master’s Degree in Language Industry and Specialized Translation from the Paris Diderot University and is preparing a Web Design and Digital Creation Master’s Certification. During her Master’s studies, she participated in two sub-projects for the Terminology without Borders project, with two assignments focused on culture (CULT platform) and intercultural education (EDU platform). She also put into use her linguistic and digital skills through two traineeships as Translator, Interpreter and multilingual Webmistress, and worked as Subtitle Translator for the pro-Europe think thank EuroCitĂ©.