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Today’s article for the I-ATE Food Term of the Week brings you back to your favorite articles of the last months!

As at TermCoord we really like food, we decided to dedicate this section to the international cuisine. Every Saturday, we publish a new article about dishes or food from all over the world, explaining traditions, showing variants and giving advices on how to cook them in the best way.

First article you liked the most: Moussaka

Moussaka is a traditional Greek baked dish made with eggplants and meat.

But, if it is true that Greek version is the best known, it is also true that it is not the only variant! Two other versions are very famous and claim the origins of this plate to their countries: we are talking about the Bulgarian and the Turkish Moussaka.

To read more about this debated plate, you can read the article here.

Second article you liked the most: Ragù

Ragù is a well known Italian seasoning for pasta.

Nevertheless, if you visit Naples, you can also eat Ragù with different combinations.

One thing is sure: you should know (and put into practice) scarpetta, Ragù’s best friend!

To learn more about this tradition, you can find the article here.

Third article you liked the most: Tortilla de Patatas

Onions or not onions? That is the question!

As an essential part of the Spanish tradition, Tortilla de Patatas is a thick omelette made with eggs and potatoes. It is eaten both as a main course and in a (usually big) sandwich.

However, the very debated dilemma between Spaniards is whether to add onions or not!

To read more about Tortilla and the Tortilla monument, just click here.

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Giulia Battisti

written by Giulia Battisti

Giulia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages for translating and interpretation and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Global Markets. She is now combining the two careers as a Communication Trainee in the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.