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In the framework of the “Terminology Without Borders” initiative, the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament has established ties with a series of universities all around the world, which are keen to participate in one or more topical projects among 10 existing domains.

The TECH project, dedicated to IT terminology, has just been enriched with  a new sub-project: Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a field of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to analyse and understand human language, both written and spoken, so that a user can have natural conversations with a computer.

The NLP multilingual glossaries, the creation of which is supervised by the Professors Elpida Loupaki, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Pascale Elbaz, from ISIT University of Paris, include both specialised and general-language entries and cover English, Greek, French, and Spanish. This brand-new sub-domain is going to complement the existing research fields covered by the other TECH projects of TermCoord, namely Smart Cities, Digital Humanities and Audiovisual.

The new terminology records,compiled by a team of students from the two above-mentioned universities using the cooperative platform FAIRTerm, are aimed at enriching the terminology glossaries published in TermCoord’s YourTerm webpage, which intends to put universities specialised in Translation Studies, Linguistics and Terminology in the spotlight.

Do you want to join the TECH project and add your language combinations?

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Angelica Marino

written by Angelica Marino

Angelica and attended the Sorbonne University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Literatures and Languages, then pursued her studies in Paris, at the ISIT University, for a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Translation and Communication. Besides, she holds a Double Master’s Degree in Language Industry and Specialized Translation from the Paris Diderot University and is preparing a Web Design and Digital Creation Master’s Certification.