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Every Sunday, we publish an informative video related to language, terminology or current affairs.

Video-Fix: Caxton’s Printing Press

(World Book Day was celebrated on March 4, an annual event led by UNESCO.) For five centuries, printing was the main medium for the storage,...
visual for the figure of speech onomatopoeia

Video-Fix: Everyday Grammar: Onomatopoeia

Hello again, language lovers! This week we are going to dive into the world of linguistic terms and look more closely at Onomatopoeia. In short,...
Video-Fix International Mother Language Day

Video-Fix: International Mother Language Day

Welcome, language lovers! Do you know that, while you are reading these words, the world is celebrating the International Mother Language Day 2021? Have you...
The history of Valentine's day

Video-Fix: What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, a day of romance, is a social custom celebrated on the 14th of February when lovers express their feelings with gifts and...
Learn more about the International Phonetic Alphabet

Video-fix: IPA Basics: Place of Articulation

Hello language lovers! Would you like to be able to pronounce any word in any language? The key to this is the International Phonetic...
weird phonemes

Video-Fix: Weird Phonemes

What comes to your mind when you see the acronym IPA? It doesn’t only represent the beer India Pale Ale, but also the International...
Video-Fix: Typographic Terminology

Video-Fix: Typographic Terminology

Welcome, terminology lovers! If you follow the work of the Terminology Coordination Unit, you will instantly realize that this week’s video-fix fits our style...
12 Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained

Video-Fix: 12 Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained

Hello there, language lovers! This week’s video-fix proves that the abundancy of online learning resources cannot be overestimated. The authors of SMA Marketing have...
Braille writing system

Video Fix: The invention of Braille

The UN World Braille Day was celebrated on the 4th of January in order to raise awareness of the importance of this writing system...
Twas the Night Before Christmas

Video Fix: ‘Twas the Night before Christmas

Possibly the most well-known poem related to Christmas, and one that single-handedly changed the way people view Christmas. This poem has been adapted with...
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