29998-LexicoGraffiti-posterThe Lexicograffiti Seminar was the 4th seminar of the cycle Terminology in the Changing World of Translation, aimed to expand translators’ knowledge in the field of terminology and other related domains essential to their profession.

This seminar covered the topic of lexicography and e-lexicography and provided an opportunity to hear from two experts in this field.

Prof. Gerhard Budin from the University of Vienna, who is the director of the Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology at the Austrian Academy of Science, talked about the evolution from paper-based to electronic dictionaries and spoke about the terminology content and resource development and focused on practical experiences and conclusions for the management of large term databases.

Prof. Sylviane Granger from the Catholic University of Louvain talked about customizable dictionary-cum-corpus web-based tools which was very interesting and relevant for translators and terminologists, giving food for thought. She also focused on major developments in electronic lexicography. She showed some great examples of what is possible today in the field of e-lexicography with the currently available technology and methods and she provided us with good ideas concerning our own databases and tools.

The afternoon workshop was meant for a limited number of participants (priority was given to terminologists) to exchange views through group discussions with Prof. Budin and with three colleagues from Parliament’s Directorate-General for Translation specialised in lexicography: Violina Stamtcheva (member of our team), Andrej Žerak (Slovenian Unit) and Teodor Hrischev (Bulgarian Unit).