Seminar: Terminology in Legislative Procedures

The seminar “Terminology in Legislative Procedures” Monday, 28 March 2011 at the EP Schuman Hemicycle in Luxembourg

27387 POSTER A3-EN_smallThe first seminar in the series ‘Terminology in the changing world of translation’ provided an in-depth understanding of the role terminology plays in the legal context and knowledge-sharing between the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament.

Designed for terminologists, translators and lawyer-linguists, the presentation by Professor Isolde Burr from the University of Cologne, Germany, focused on legal terminology and multilingualism. Professor Antonella Distante from the University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy, focused on legal terminology and the ‘glocal’ world of communication. Ms Caroline Reichling, Head of terminological projects – DG Trad – EU, Court of Justice of the European Union, presented terminology in legislative procedures from the Court’s perspective. At the end of each presentation, participants had the opportunity to participate in the discussion through question-and-answer sessions.

In the afternoon, there was a presentation of the EU-legislative procedure step-by-step focused on the linguistic and terminological aspects where speakers from all the three EU institutions involved in the legislatives process gave us a common presentation that will help translators understand the different steps related to the importance of translation and terminology.