Terminology in Academia

TermCoord’s last seminar in the series of “Terminology in the changing world of translation” took place on Thursday the 5th of June in the Schuman Chamber in Luxembourg.

It provided insight into terminology research and terminology teaching at universities. What is the difference between a terminological database and a terminological knowledge base and how can the latter help translators? What is the role of terminology in translation training? What are the initial results of academic cooperation in the framework of pilot IATE projects between TermCoord and universities?

These are some of the questions which were answered during the presentations given by Professor Franco Bertaccini, from the University of Bologna, and Professor Christine Michaux, from the University of Mons.

Information about the guest speakers:Terminology in academia

Professor Franco Bertaccini is director of the Terminology Research Laboratory and he teaches courses on terminology and specialised languages at the School for Interpreters and Translators at the University of Bologna at Forlì. In his presentation translators can hear about two activities which can contribute to a great extent to the quality of translation but which are normally practised rarely because of lack of time and appropriate tools, namely thematic terminological research and the compilation of specialised reference corpuses. Translators can also hear about how a multilingual terminological database is created based on the research results and then how this database is integrated in a broader system, a knowledge base. 

Professor Christine Michaux is the head of the Specialised translation and terminology service and vice-dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Mons, Belgium. Last year she participated with her students in the pilot IATE projects launched with some universities with the aim of updating and feeding IATE in specific domains. In her presentation she will speak about the place and role of terminology in the context of translation training at her university, as well as about the first experiences of the above-mentioned academic cooperation and its possible future continuation.

Access the presentations below:
– Prof. Bertaccini (EN / FR)
– Prof. Michaux EN
– Bernard Mary FR