Artifical Intelligence Terminology

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The Artificial Intelligence folder is a project done in parallel with the colleagues of the Commission and the Council and are based on recent EU documents and studies on the topic. Since AI will have an increasing role in everyday life, the EU’s legislative bodies will have to follow the trend and issue new or amend existing legislation.
This is the first batch of the EP TermFolder, which exists also in IATE as a collection – EP-MUL-Artificial Intelligence-2020.

Batch 1

3588222 automated bot
1225179 consumer electronics
3588226 content moderation
3588220 data-driven platform
1231049 defective product
1758048 distributed AI system
1086533 distributive justice
1873679 early adopter
3589186 IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
3589182 robot tax
3588227 Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation
3589178 sentiment analysis
794213 source code
1611384 speech processing
3589164 training data
1739051 transformative technology
3589149 unintentional harm
3555887 use case
859589 vicarious liability
80265 tortfeasor
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