Gender Related Terminology

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This TermFolder is not related to a particular document package but concerns all documents related to gender issues as well as documents containing gender sensitive terminology. It has been created in close collaboration with the FEMM committee and all terms and definitions as they appear in IATE now, are agreed or even suggested by them. So, all terms from the list and any new terms to be added to the project, could be considered not only reliable but also preferable to use.

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1265848 gender
159725 gender roles
923391 gendering
3568238 gendered
3568241 gender inequality index
3568199 gender parity
3568325 gender parity index
1265878 gender equity
1197442 gender stereotyping
3552139 gendericide
336955 female infanticide
2251123 femicide
3568321 gender benchmarking
226112 Gender Empowerment Measure
3568405 gender equality legislation
3563814 gender mainstreaming amendment
887023 feminisation

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