Women’s Rights and Gender Issues Terminology

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Human rights, including women’s rights, gender equality and other related rights and freedoms are a field in which Parliament has a strong position in terms of terminology coverage. This folder collected terms from related debates in different committees, provided to us by our colleagues interpreters, and a study.
In IATE the folder appears as the collection EP-MUL-Women’s Rights-2020.

118784 Advisory Committee on equal opportunities for women and men
3589678 Beijing+25
3590074 female-only spaces / women-only spaces
3590082 date rape
914871 zipper list system
249641 morning-after pill
1544360 breech birth
3590088 glass pyramid
3590104 mansplaining
3590108 coercive control
3590110 gaslighting
3590126 gender backlash
1221315 medically assisted procreation
3590130 no-fault divorce
3590133 Stockholm syndrome
1107249 surrogate motherhood
3590134 wolf whistling
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