Video-Fix: Why Is The Day After Thanksgiving Called Black Friday?

Video-Fix: Black Friday

With all the other major holidays of the year behind us, the season for Christmas gift shopping and joyful preparations has officially begun. It is hard to miss the start of this exciting time, as it is celebrated in a spectacular way by retail brands all around the world, and by their customers on the hunt for best deals. What is your attitude towards Black Friday? Do you let yourself get carried away a bit when the shopping frenzy begins? Or maybe you are a part of the constantly growing crowd that criticises excessive consumerism? As we believe that curiosity is always a good attitude, we have decided to discover the history behind Black Friday. In this short educational video, the author of the Name Explain channel goes back in time to explore the origins of the phenomenon.

We know that the Black Friday in the pandemic year will be a different experience than what we are used to. Retailers are adjusting to the safety measures in stores in the countries where shops remain open, while in the rest of Europe customers limit themselves to online deals only. Before you start working on your personal shopping plan, take a minute to learn more about Black Friday from this week’s video-fix. We always want you to stay healthy, happy, and well-informed!

Escrito por Magdalena Sikorska