The European Language Industry Survey

European Language Industry Survey

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament was invited by the Conference of Translation Services of European States (COTSOES) – whose member it is since 2017 – to participate in the annual European Language Industry Survey – ELIS. The survey is launched by a series of language industry organisations, of which the European Commission’s Language Industry Expert Group (LIND – Directorate General for Translation) is only one.

As in previous editions, the survey aims to provide information that supports strategic decision-making and policy-making. It therefore continues to focus on trends, expectations, plans and concerns of all those that are active in the language industry, extending its reach to language service buyers and language technology providers, two important segments that were not yet fully addressed in previous editions.

With the addition of Women in Localization as a new survey partner, this 8th edition of the survey becomes more global than ever.

El survey landing page allows participants to select a survey form that is tailored to their individual industry segment – language service company, independent language professional, language department, language service buyer, training institute or language technology provider.

All those who want their voices heard, are welcome to participate until midnight on Sunday 14¿qué? February 2021.

The results will be made available at the end March and will be discussed in virtual events organised by the survey partners.