Cooperación de TermCoord con la Universidad Jónica


TermCoord’s Team is very pleased to announce the creation of a new page dedicated to our work with the Ionian University in Corfu (Greece).

Working on various projects over the years, the Ionian University and TermCoord mainly collaborated on the Terminología sin Fronteras initiative. Students from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting participated on the FEM project, on the JURI project and on the ENVI project. They also took part in the terminology research on current topics such as Brexit, Cyber Security, Inequality, Terrorism, Korea Crisis, Cyclic Economy, Waste Reduction, Disinformation, or even Youth Empowerment. They created bilingual glossaries from English to Greek and from German to Greek and the students completed missing entries in IATE, in order to enrich the terminology database.

The translation students from the Ionian University have contributed significantly to our different terminology projects!

Haga clic aquí to read more about it and to have access to our common projects.

Escrito por Cécile Mayeres

Tiene una Maestría en Traducción y Comunicación Transcultural con especialización en movilidad europea. Ahora realiza un período de prácticas en Comunicación en la Unidad de Coordinación de Terminología.