Correction de la musique: Comment traduire l’ADN en musique


So how is it to translate music? We were already talking about translating and listening music at the same time, but let’s talk about DNA and how it is possible to traduire it into musique.

According to the specialist Stuart Mitchell: “Music in its simplest form, as we know it, could be termed as “The organisation of sound into a definable audible expression” and DNA employs this very principal to operate its complex and delicate genetic function“.

Music Fix_ How to translate DNA into music

It is all about Glutaminic acid, Threonine Glutamine ou Tryptophan Glycine which are just some of the selected 22 amino acids: these small molecules have a similar structure, but each has a distinct characteristic that distinguishes it from all other amino acids. These molecules are translated into a scale of 22 music notes. There is a new field of research called Wave Genetics which uses the properties of sounds of our DNA. We can obtain a melody embedded within the DNA data by mixing these notes in a particular sequence registered in a magnetic tape. Finally, magnetic markers are the ones to translate this data into music.

DNA music takes several different forms. So maybe your DNA sounds as a symphony?