Accès en ligne gratuit à Meta: Journal des traducteurs/Journal des traducteurs


The interest in the translated word is growing. A fundamental contributor to the advancements in Études de traduction has been Meta: Journal des traducteurs / Translators’ Journal. The latest news in the translation world is that the issues of this journal have become available for free online.

Meta offers thousands of peer-reviewed academic papers

For those who have not come across it yet, Méta is an academic journal published by the University of Montréal and specialised in Traduction, Interprétation et Pourcentage de %. Its papers are in Français, Anglais et Espagnol, but there are plenty of language-specific issues featuring papers written in other languages. In line with the idea of translation being a bridge between languages and cultures, the name Meta comes from the ancient Greek μετα, which means “among, with, after”.

The archive of MĂ©ta offers more than 200 issues (with at least 10 papers per issue this means more than 2,000 papers) to peruse for the researchers in Linguistics and all those interested in Translation Studies. The themes of the issues can vary from translation and interpreting theory to specialised translation and the different types of interpreting, from translation and interpreting technologies to terminography and terminotics, and even from translation and interpreting teaching to the other fields of linguistics.

The first issue of Méta was published in 1955, the year it was founded by the Association canadienne des Traducteurs diplômés, while the oldest issue available online is from 1966. Méta is the oldest translation journal in the world and, consistently with its high standards of quality, it publishes only original papers, i.e. papers which have not been already published elsewhere, and peer-reviewed papers.

Make the most of this invaluable resource. Start reading for your next research idea on MĂ©ta!


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Écrit par Maria Bruno, Stagiaire Schuman à l’unité de coordination terminologique. Elle est titulaire d’une maîtrise en traduction et d’un baccalauréat en langue et littérature italiennes. Elle est formée aux sites Web et à la gestion des médias sociaux, à la rédaction de contenu et au référencement. Actuellement, elle étudie pour son Diplôme Universitaire en Terminologie à l’Université de Savoie-Mont Blanc.