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Glossaire Liens is a search tool that can be freely accessed through our website and that gives access to many glossaires spécialisés. Students or professionals can use this tool to find a glossary on a specific topic they are working one. The search function allows choosing between the different domains, sources and languages so that you can find what you are looking for very quickly!

You can find more than 8000 glossaries covering very different domains such as medicine, law, economy, human rights or also environment.

Glossaries are an essential tool for anyone who wants to translate specialised texts. Most translators use them as a reference when they translate. They are, with no doubt, one of their most precious tools! A glossary usually contains the term reference, the definition of the term, the source of the definition as well as the context. Notes and comments can also be added in order to have more information on the term and its use.

In Termcoord, we constantly look for freely available et reliable glossaries which we upload into our Glossary Links collection. We sort them by languages so that you can easily find the information needed.

Do not hesitate to use this tool for any of you researches!

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Écrit par Cécile Mayeres

She holds a Master’s degree in Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication with a specialization in European mobility. She now does a traineeship in Communication at the Terminology Coordination Unit