Posljednja klasa godine


img_2904On May 31 2013, TermCoord taught its last lecture of the year as part of the MastersÔÇÖ degree ÔÇťMultilingual Education in a Multicultural EnvironmentÔÇŁ they have organised in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.

The presentations were conducted by the TermCoord team and focused on the multilingual communication and terminology work achieved in the European Union. The international students attending the lecture represented more than 10 countries, some of them outside the EU.

During the 20-hour module, the lectures addressed the question of multilingualism and its implications in the European Union proceedings. They looked at the limitations of the use of the official languages in order to increase efficiency and reduce the resort to numerous resources.

TermCoord advocated the importance of terminology and its management in legal documents drafting. They explained how terminology management is ensuring quality, clarity, legal certainty, standardisation, language planning as well as time and resource savings.

Terminology resources were also listed and IATE was shown, also through practical exercises and workshops, as an interinstitutional concept-oriented database providing translators with multilingual content.

The last part focused on the usability of information systems for terminology. It showed how usability can become an issue when users encounter problems that are often linked with inconsistent terminology. They then explained how terminology is an important component of communication in everydayÔÇÖs activities in a globalised, multilingual and multicultural world.