20+ preporu─Źenih ─Źitanja o jeziku, prijevodu i usmenom prevo─Ĺenju koje ne smijete propustiti u 2016.



Since many times we don’t know where to find information or useful readings about a specific topic, Olga Jeczmyk (known on Twitter as Olga JeNo) had the brilliant idea to draft a list of recommended readings about language, translation and interpretation that she considers worth reading during 2016.

Suggesting two titles per month, she also gives for each one a brief personal comment in order to catch your interest for these books.

The post is in Spanish, and so are most of the readings she recommends, but if you know Spanish i English it’s worth a look.

Building on these readings, from TermCoord we also recommend these alternative works on jezikoslovlje, terminologija i prijevod, u English as well as other European languages.

Redatelj: Maria Bregolato
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