Master courses on terminology at the University of Luxembourg

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From 2019, the module “Translation and Terminology” (offered by TermCoord since 2013) in the “Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” at the University of Luxembourg, has been substantially developed in duration and content. It will now cover up to 40 hours in the two first semesters of the Master, focusing on several aspects of translation and interpretation in relation to terminology.

The courses are a formal cooperation with the Directorate General of Translation. Four Heads of Translation Units (French, German, Hungarian and Croatian) and the Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit, together with their colleagues, translators and terminologists, will teach interesting aspects of multilingualism in the European Union, the legal concepts as well as terminology and translation tools.

The students will be taught about the functioning and challenges of TermCoord and the Translation Units, as well as being given (from now) the possibility to spend 3 weeks in the European Parliament, counting as a credited internship. During this period, the students – who can choose to join the communication or terminology trainees team – are completely involved in the activity of the Unit, developing terminology projects or learning how to manage the website, social media accounts as well as draft posts, which are published on this website (a selection listed below).

Programme for the courses on Translation and Terminology in the Master of the University of Luxembourg ‚ÄúLearning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts‚ÄĚ

In the first semester, the course will focus mainly on topics around terminology and communication in the multilingual context of the EU institutions. The title of the course could be ‚ÄúTerminology and Communication in the Multilingual Environment of the EP‚ÄĚ.

1st semester Hours (UE)
Multilingualism (introduction) – Our Common Terminology: The Linguistic Passport for a United Europe

Rodolfo Maslias

Terminology in the EU

Rodolfo Maslias (in the EP premises)

Why Terminology and How it Works in the EP

Violina Stamtcheva

IATE and TerminologyResearch

Ciprian Dumea

Legal concepts and legal terminology  Рexperience in the EU Institutions

Jozsef Villanyi  

Legal Concepts in the EU and its Member States

Michael Fuchs

Use of terminology for SEO, Linguistic tools in the EP, terminology search and use in the web and social media

Francesco Rossi

Total  19

In the second semester, the course will focus more on translation and interpretation and could be entitled: ‚ÄúTranslation and interpretation in a multilingual environment – an intellectual, creative and technical challenge‚ÄĚ.

2nd semester Hours (UE)
The Translation in the EP – organisational, multilingual and quality aspects

Michel Catuhe (member of the Steering Committee of the Master)

Translation Theories – translation as a multi-aspect phenomenon, decision making and a communication process

Valeria Tsenovska

Translation of Creative Content

Svetlin Stratiev

Translation – The Future is now

Emmanuel Pochet

Terminology and Interpretation

Marijana Nikolic

Total  16

The Prize ‘Translating Cultures’

master luxembourg2019 Ceremony of Translating Cultures Prize.

2017 Ceremony of Translating Cultures Prize.

‚ÄčThe fees are donated by all teaching EP officials to the University of Luxembourg, helping to sponsor a prize called ‚ÄúTranslating Cultures‚ÄĚ, offered to the best Master theses at the award ceremony held every year.

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